For the Hospitals

Hospital Affinity functions as a social network that connects them to patients according to their affinities. We enable inpatients to meet and share their passions and all their affinities would stay a pleasant and less in solitude.

Disease patients does not always move in the hospital, and thanks to us, the patient can find connections and to interact with others without having to leave his room. Whole hospital is particularly suitable for patients medium or long stays.

Hospital Affinity contribute to the improvement of the moral well-being of patients who will be able to overcome their isolation by interacting with others.

Improve the image of your hospital and also the well-being of your patients by purchasing a license to use our services.

Provide dynamic network to your hospital!

Le réseau social par affinités de patients hospitalisés. Partager vos passions en rencontrant vos voisins de chambres.

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